During this grief process I’ve felt many times that I’m pretending to be alive, pretending to participate in life. I’ve spoken with other widowed people and this is not unusual, to feel like a robot watching the humans live their lives. What I want most I will never get on this plane of existence. I want to see my husband one more time, and it’s just not going to happen. I pretend not to be angry, but I am, and that anger is rooted deep, deep in my heart and soul. Angry at God, angry at my M. for dying (how dysfunctional is that?), angry at myself for not taking better care of him so he’d be here with me today.

So I talk to my counselor, go to my grief group, and write letters to my husband every day. Grief is a process, and it’s just plain awful.  I will not pretend that it’s easy. But for now I will pretend to believe others who say there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.  I’ll believe that they believe and that has to be enough for today.


Why This American Left His Comfortable Home and Job to Run an Animal Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu

Thank you Mira Prabhu for this uplifting post about people working to make positive changes in our world right now.

mira prabhu

Leaving a comfortable home and job in the US, Leslie Robinson started an animal sanctuary in Tamil Nadu. And he has a new family now – with numerous animals, amazing doctors, and many wonderful people as passionate as him. This is his story of compassion and love.

Around the time he was about to turn 70, Leslie Robinson, an American citizen, decided to go to the Himalayas and start a new life. He came to India and stopped in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, for some time. “My plan was to stay here for about 10 days. Then I wanted to rent a cabin somewhere in the foothills of the Himalayas and spend the last stretch of my life just writing and contemplating,” he says.

But life had other plans. Just a few days before he was about to leave, he heard that the authorities in Tiruvannamalai were going to kill street…

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Blog tour: Alzheimers Research – Little Kitty by Caterina Longtail & co! @brookcottagebks @aruknews

A beautiful collaboration between many authors created this book to support a great cause. My Dad died of dementia/alzheimer’s in 2014, so research into this very prevalent disease is extremely personal for me. Please support, and thanks to The Writing Garnet for posting this.

The Writing Garnet

This morning’s blog post is a rather special one as it extremely significant. As soon as I saw the information about this book, I knew I had to show my support in any way that I could, granted, not as much as the authors involved have!

All of the authors involved in ‘Little Kitty the Cat Burglar’ have donated their time free of charge and have written one chapter of the book each. All proceeds from the book will go to Alzheimers Research UK. You can find out more about the charity right here. The amazing authors involved are: Suzan Collins, Tottie Limejuice, Jo Wilde, JB Johnston, Lucy Rayner, Ros Lyons, Ann Bowyer and Tracy Terry. Together, they became known as Caterina Longtail!

Buying this cute book will not only give you a lovely bedtime story to read (for yourself or to a child!), it will also help to support a charity…

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My first thought on seeing this word was the  Van Halen song that was so popular back in the 80s, “Jump.”  David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen made it look fun, and it was full of the optimism and condo-conversion, economic boom, G. Gordon Gekko confidence of that time. I remember it well, and it’s gone, Daddy, gone, as  the Violent Femmes used to say.   I’m from the early 80s punk era, and I always loved the dark social commentary the punks screamed into our ears, whether we liked it or not.

So, what does Jump mean to me now? I think of Blaise Pascal’s concept of the leap of faith in his ‘Pensees’, taking a chance that the Universe is not truly hostile and bad, so we should try to believe in the good, and live by our morals and values.  It’s always a chance, for sure, and it’s easier said than done. At the end of the day it’s a noble ideal, and our world could use some ideals right now.  So why not take that leap, that Jump?

Update on K. Morris’ free e-book ‘Refractions’

Below is a post from, extending the offer of a free electronic copy of his book of poetry, ‘Refractions’, until 27 September at 12 p.m.  I’m reading it now, and it’s very cool. Check it out, authors and bloggers!


Thanks again for sharing. I have been pleased with the interest generated by my post (I have already sent out several free copies of “Refractions”. Consequently I have decided to extend the free promotion until 12 pm on Tuesday 27 September. Kevin

It’s Never Too Late

Thank you Rachel Poli for this inspiration!

Rachel Poli

I came across this infographic while doing a Google search.

If you enjoy infographics like I do, then I’m sure you’ve seen this one before. I think I have, but I just found it through this website which has a lot of cool infographics on it.

It’s a good reminder either way.

It's Never Too Late to Start Writing

I started writing when I was ten. It’s been about 13 years and I’m still trying to get my foot in the publishing door.

What about you? Let me know in the comments!

rachel poli sign off

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Would you like a free electronic copy of my latest collection of poetry, “Refractions”?

Thanks once again to Chris the storyreadingape for being author positive. I’ve requested an electronic copy of K. Morris’ book, so can you.


From today (Monday 19 September) until Friday 23 September, I am offering my readers a free electronic copyof my recently published collection of poetry, “Refractions”.

If you would like to receive a free copy of “Refractions” please send an email to:

newauthoronline (at) gmail (dot) com (the address is rendered thus to avoid spammers).

While there is no obligation on recipients to review “Refractions”, it would be much appreciated if those in receipt of a free copy would please consider writing an honest review in return for same.

For details about “Refractions” please visit HERE

Many thanks and kind regards.

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  • to walk a long distance especially for pleasure or exercise : to go on a hike

  • : to suddenly increase the cost, amount, or level of (something)

  • : to pull or lift (something, such as yourself or part of your clothing) with a quick movement

Source: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary
The word “hike” reminds me of excursions to Acadia National Park in Maine, where my  husband, my brother and me went to see the great outdoors.  I never had the strength to climb Katahdin, she’s too tough for me, but I did try.  The one experience I treasure the most from our hikes is when a giant male moose came thundering through our campsite.  It was incredibly beautiful and terrifying at the same moment. I could hear his hooves ringing like iron in the distance as he approached. It’s a sound I’ll never forget.
The next day we went down the mountain and ended up in a brook that had thousands of gorgeous blue butterflies in the air. It was like heaven.  Mother Nature has beauty and fury, and we should remember to respect her.