Soon I am leaving these walls, this home where we built so many dreams that crumbled into dust when your head fell back lifeless into that armchair last Winter.  I have clothing that I haven’t yet washed, filled with the sweat of your brow, the sweet smell of your hair that still fills my dreams. The back yard is so empty without your work shop since the company hauled it away, trailing puffs of sawdust, curses and laughter behind it as it rumbled down the driveway, out of the trees. We shared many days inside that shop, fun and laughter and lots of passionate kissing.  I miss you, my best good friend. Will I lose you when I leave this place, now that you have rocketed into Infinity? That’s my greatest fear, to lose sight of those last flaming traces of you burning into the night sky.  Send me a shooting star tonight, my love, to tell me that you’re still here in spirit, if not beside my side.






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