This makes me think of The Turtles’ song “Happy Together”, and how hopeful and bright the music and the lyrics are, which chases away the darkness for me on days like these. I miss the many, many people in my life that are no longer here, we are no longer Together. But if I honor their memories by living well, then maybe we can be together in spirit. I’d like to think so, and why not think positively?  I can say with all my heart that my husband and I were happy together.  That’s a gift from the Universe that not everyone receives, and I will always be grateful for that.  Love never dies, so maybe we are together even though I can’t see him anymore.  That’s a comforting thought, so I’ll hang on to it today.


6 thoughts on “Together

  1. Ah, the Turtles: I was just singing that song to my cat, about how after being “sad together,” when we thought M. Grey was gone, when he came home, after two weeks, we wee “Happy together.” Our brief time together can never be appreciated, but it was, and that can never be lost. He is with you as a pat of you, and you with him, in all you have become. To lose a spouse, the pain and emptiness…But you are still Happy together, are you not? My friend Elise was cared for by he husband Paul for thirty years after he had gone, just in the ripples of his love through time, if not even literally. The two become one soul, and that “together” will always be. Let your emptiness be filled, even by how happy he wishes you to be!


  2. This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Being alone is the biggest fear of many. To be able to have happy moments of togetherness can be very uplifting.


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