Me and my book blurb

Thanks to Aurora Jean Alexander for some great advice about what writers face, and how to deal with it. Book blurbs are daunting, and she deals with this issue with dignity and style.

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As a beginner, I tried to get to know more about book blurbs since I needed to write my own. To make sure it will be appropriate and professional, I did some research, asked some experienced writers and found an amazing article, written by Author Traci Sanders, “Taking the fear out of book blurbs,” which I had re-published on my blog End of June 2016.

Out of fear to give out too much information, I wrote it apparently too vague, and it wasn’t intriguing enough. I asked several more writers and got interesting information and an enormous help. One of them, Author Jim Spencer, asked me to send him a quick synopsis, and he then took the time and wrote an entire blurb on my novella, showing me how he would do it. I will be forever grateful for the time and efforts…

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3 thoughts on “Me and my book blurb

    1. I saw how much my husband poured his heart and soul into his writing, we all do. Remember you have a voice that the world of readers need to hear. Let me know where to get a copy of your novella, I’d love to read it.

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