My eyes see the pain in my stepson’s e-mails and texts.  He misses his Dad so much. I lost my Dad in 2014 so I know how much it hurts. Watching my Dad’s coffin going into the cold, cold ground was an image I will never forget. There’s no way for me to heal my stepson’s pain. All I can do is be present, and to offer some advice about how I deal with the loss of my husband, his Dad.  I’m not dealing with it very well, but I am dealing.  I only hope that my attempts to cope help him.


3 thoughts on “Eyes

  1. While reading this I wondered how much pain you too must be suffering at the loss of
    your husband. So much time you two spent together and the quality of life you shared.
    May your pain of loss and separation be replaced by the many happy memories of him.
    Sending blessings to you and your son.


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