Ty-Nant Cat Sanctuary Disaster – A bunny to support the charity

Let’s show our support for Wales Ty Nant Cat Sanctuary’s tragedy by reblogging, donating to their gofundme and showing some support. We humans know we are all better than this. Thanks to Katzenworld for alerting us!


Hi everyone,

Our friends at Freak MEOWt have opted to help the Ty-Nant Sanctuary in Cymmer, Port Talbot, Wales by donating a pound of each bunny sold in August to the charity.

This is in response to a disaster that struck the charity at the end of July and shows how much the cat community in the UK cares about supporting cats in need of helps.

normal_catnip-bunnies-cat-toys 1£ pound of each sold bunny in August will go to the charity

So what happened to them you are asking?

As many of you know I try to keep this a happy and cheerful place but today I have to deviate from this and raise awareness of what happened to the charity.

On the last weekend in July two people broke into the sanctuary and stole the elderly cats from the sanctuary… Some of which were later on found killed. 😦 It’s beyond me why…

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