Loss and Redemption

What have I learned about loss lately?  That it can be survived, but first I must give it my full attention. Loss will not go away without my trusting that it is part of life. As Dr. Geoff Warburton says in his Ted Talk, which I listen to every morning, “Let the abyss swallow you”.  This is the most terrifying thing I’ve ever faced.  For anyone else facing grief, I would highly recommend watching Dr. Warburton’s Ted Talk.  It’s on my blog.  It’s called “The Adventure of Grief”.  What a concept, that something so horrible can be an opportunity for growth.  Life’s what we make it, even in hard times. I cannot yet bring myself to thank God for this odd gift, wrapped in barbed wire, but I do have a modicum of faith that I will be grateful for this experience some day.  And faith is where it all begins.



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