How to raise six children without losing them in a supermarket

I spent the July 4th holiday weekend with my Mom, which is always fun. She’s one of the smartest women I know, so I expect the unexpected, and I’m never disappointed.  She was too tired to let me make a movie about how she raised all six of us children.  I did manage to get one sound piece of advice from her:  “Children will watch out for each other after a while. Barbara (the oldest, my only sister) was always looking out for all of you. The boys ran wild, so I told them not to get lost in the supermarket, or I’d never find them again, and they would have to go out and get a job to earn money to eat. I always had you hang onto my skirt, so my arms would be free to grab the boys, if I had to.”

Instilling a little fear in the younger generation does not do lasting damage, I can testify to that personally.  Dad made sure we all went to church every Sunday at noon, sat in the front pew and frowned when the 1970s guitar playing folk music happened.  Dad called it “hippie music”.  He preferred traditional hymns, and so do I, to this day.

Mom and Dad, there will never be another couple like you. Thank you so much for teaching us all how to work hard, think clearly and to learn something new every day.  No matter what life sends my way, I believe I can lob it right back over the net, because Mom and Dad had my back during all those uncertain times.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  So my mission now is to make my Mom laugh during our daily phone call, and most of the time, I can. Some days she needs to cry about missing my Dad, and I’m happy to be there for her. She never let any of us get lost in a supermarket, and I’m not going to let that happen to her.




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