Passive aggressive

My new job is a lot of fun, except for the cretinous yahoo who keeps parking their brandy-new black VW Jetta so close to my red car there’s barely enough room to squeak out the driver’s side door, and it’s a big, open parking lot. Thanks to my exercise routine, I’m a slim cat, so I have no issue getting into my car at the end of the day.  I can (almost) feel sorry for the passive aggressiveness that’s associated with this type of behavior. What type of anger is associated with this juvenile homo sapien? I hope never to find out.  But there’s always HR, and if the repeat offender chooses to make an idiot of him/herself again next week, that’s my next stop. Grow up, people. Or take a remedial driving course. There’s always anger management, too. Check it out, why don’tcha? Much love from lilykatz.



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