My kitties understand that I am a big, dumb cat lacking the necessary life skills to survive in this jungle we call life.  They brought me two dead mice that I found on my bed this morning when I woke up way too early after a mean dream. I appreciate their concern. The poor little mice didn’t scare me a bit.  I took pity on them when Happycat and Lilybug stopped preening and finally left the room. Of course, I gave both cats lots of praise for their care and concern for their Momma. That is real, and that part warms my torn up heart.

Then I slipped outside into the early fog, to give the poor mice a decent burial in the back yard.  I did eat breakfast, because my cats are reminding me that I have to take care of myself.  It’s good to live with two small beings that keep such a close eye on their Momma.


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