Requiem for a kitty and a puppy

Brownie with the whippet tail, RIP in the backyard cemetery, a teeny girl with a lion heart. I was proud to hear you yowl like a banshee, a perfect feline.  I brought you offerings of catnip,  at least.  You rubbed your soft whiskers across my open hand. We wonder why you left us without warning, and shed tears for a quick heart stilled too soon.  You will never be forgotten, a warm wild creature from another dimension.

Frank is in another home now. It’s a place where he can run all day with solid people who love the rocket dog almost as much as his Momma.

Frank’s pal Lilybug hunts for him in all corners.  Even Happycat asks me where he is.  I know he’s in the best place possible, but my heart breaks again.  I didn’t know I had pieced it back together. Maybe this time I won’t bother to reassemble.




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