Just one day to relive

If I was able to travel back in time, I’d like to relive the anniversary party for my best sister in law and her super cool husband.  They have been married 50 years, which is pretty amazing for any time and place, not just in today’s world.  The party was supposed to be a surprise, but due to my sister in law’s super sleuthing abilities, her daughters and her only surviving brother, my husband, decided to “tell” her about it several months in advance.  We didn’t share all the details, and the scope of the party was a giant surprise for the happy couple.  Their marriage is the rock of the family, and my in laws are as important to me as they are to my husband.  She is the only sister in law of mine who has supported me through the dark days after my Dad’s death, and she alone volunteered to talk to me “anytime, day or night” when caring for my Mom each weekend became discouraging and (dare I say it) difficult.  My brother in law’s humor saved me from many a doomsday prediction.  When the strain of being a caregiver began to wreak havoc in my marriage, my sister in law has been there for both my beloved husband, and for me.

Together, my sister and brother in law have showed me by their example what true commitment to a loved one really is – faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love. (Thanks to St. Paul for a great quote.)


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