Frank the Tank, a puppy’s tail

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “An Odd Trio.”Happycat arches her back and makes an unearthly yowl-growl noise from the top of our fridge.  Frank the Tank, our new power puppy black labrador, is trying to make friends.  He’s discovered tug of war with Dad’s favorite beach towel (uh-oh), but that pales in comparison with his well-bred retriever skills.  Last night, he snagged Dad’s hearing aides (BIG uh-oh), but stashed them safely under the couch. Whew! says new Puppy-Mom Lilykatz.  That bowl of soup that got knocked off the countertop onto the floor last night just doesn’t seem like a big deal, anymore.

Just another day in the life of Frank the Tank, wonder puppy and Lilykatz’ new best friend ever.  He loves life, he learns from his mistakes. He’s my hero today.


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