Big Love, a poem for today by lilykatz

Big Love’s all I’ve ever known, the kind that lies inside your bones. I saw it in my parents’ eyes. They argued, but were unified in such a way I could not see until I saw their light in me.

She saw her husband yesterday, Big Love’s here to save the day. We’ll cry when she is gone, oh, yes. She’ll go unto her final rest. I’ll miss you dear, you were the best.

There it is, it’s all around. Big Love, baby, lost and found. Not from heaven, not from hell. Find it somewhere in yourself. It’s titanic, it’s insane, once it made me change my name. What is Big Love? No one knows. Leave it be and it just grows.

The test is when the music fades. Where does Big Love hide away? Everyday can shroud it well. Find it somewhere in yourself.

I must believe we all want Good, when News shows bodies slain in the ‘hood. Why does the Man need Sherman tanks? Why do immigrants just hate us? Just for me, not all the rest, all the drama’s overrated.

Find that Big Love in yourself, find it somewhere in yourself. Just try it once, why not? Your self.


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